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Sports X – Why and Why now?

Sports X – Why and Why now?

Let’s start with the easy part… What is Sports X and why did we start it up?! 

Well, it’s simple. We’re passionate about sports and want to be the fans who contribute by helping organisations recruit, develop and retain diverse, world class, head office teams. Teams who ultimately drive the performance of the sporting world. Here at Sports X we are on a mission to build the worlds greatest sports talent consultancy.

Our focus is on 4 key sectors predominately across the US, UK and The Middle Eastern markets; Sports, Technology & Innovation, Brands & Culture and Media. We aim to build and maintain deep networks within the sporting community, whilst looking to add value wherever we can. We’ll spend time advising the industries top talent on how they can further develop their careers and consult with sporting organisations on their business objectives around the attraction, development and retention of staff.

The question I keep getting is, ‘Why now?’ Closely followed by… ‘are you mad?!’

As I sit here writing this, isolated at home in the midst of the confusion caused by the global Covid-19 pandemic, it is somehow very clear to me why we need to do this now. Now more than ever the sports community needs support. Sport has been one of the most effected industries since the start of the Covid-19 outbreak, decimating the sporting schedule and affecting some of 2020’s biggest events. With both spectator and participant sport on hold, revenues will inevitably see a decline. This is the reality until we get back to a level of normality… and we will! The exact fall out from this is yet to be truly determined. However, it’s clear that organisations across all 4 of our key sectors are likely to be impacted. 

Adding value during the good times is all well and good, yet I feel we can do so much now. We have the chance to support the industry when it needs us the most. We will be there to advise clients and candidates on how to best navigate these difficult times. I’m excited about the journey we’re about to go on… Knowing that we can have a positive impact on people from an industry that has given us so much joy over the years is a great feeling.


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