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8 Benefits of Sport in Covid Lockdown

8 Benefits of Sport in Covid Lockdown

As Covid 19 lockdown largely continues across the globe it is pleasing to see that so many governments are trying to find ways of allowing people to safely take part in sports whilst maintaining social distancing.

We know that participating in sports/exercising is good for you but now more than ever the benefits are key to helping us overcome these difficult times both physically and mentally. Here are our 8 key reasons why we need to stay active, whilst still staying safe!

Manage your weight.  Stress eating, anxiety, comfort food and boredom… We’ve all been there! Exercise can help burn those extra calories and improve your long term metabolism.

Reduced blood pressure. Keeps your heart and blood vessels healthy. This can be done through a conscious diet and frequent exercise.

Improve general fitness. Aerobic activities such as walking, running, cycling, or swimming (for those lucky enough to have access to a pool right now) can improve your body’s ability to move and use oxygen in your lungs and blood. Small steps count too… just keep moving! 

Improve muscular strength and endurance. Resistance exercises to help build bigger, stronger muscles. You don’t need weights you can use water bottles and other household items. Body weight training is also an option. 

Stress relief. Playing sports can really improve your mood and is an effective way to relieve stress. The same goes for exercise. Mental wellbeing goes hand in hand with our physical wellbeing. 

Strengthen immune system. Statistically speaking, exercising more means that you’re less likely to get sick. Keeping moving and keep your immune system on top form! 

Improve sleep. Physical activity increases time spent in a deep sleep, the most physically restorative sleep phase. Eat, sleep, exercise, work, repeat! 

Mental health benefits. The endorphins released from when you exercise can help with feelings of anxiety and depression. During times like this it’s important to take care of our mental wellbeing too! 

What have you been up to during lockdown? Have you taken up a new hobby? New exercise routine or used the time to rethink your career. If it’s the latter and it’s a career in sport that you want, let’s talk! Reach out to one of the SportsX team! 


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