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Time for a transfer?

Time for a transfer?

​Are you thinking of a career change or new job?… We’ve all been there and whilst it’s an exciting time there are also important factors to consider.

There are so many benefits to changing your job from monetary gain and developing your skills to recharging your motivation with a new challenge! Having said this, there are also things to consider before you bite the bullet and jump ship with your current employer! 

Career Progression:

A job move can often mean a promotion for a lot of people. You may have reached your personal progression limit with your current employer so a move would be a step in the right direction. Onwards and upwards as they say! 


A company’s culture reflects massively on staff retention. Working for a company where you’re both valued and adding value is key. It comes down to things like atmosphere, flexible working, dress code etc. All these things either make us want to work for a company or not. If your current organisations culture doesn’t fit your wants and needs, it may be time to find something better suited. 

Work life balance:

Work life balance is key and often a big motivator when it comes to changing jobs. Modern working structures and flexible working are well received with new and adjusted organisations. Your decision to seek a new employer might be to move locations or to find something more accommodating to your needs. 


How many of us can honestly say that we love our job or the industry that we work in. We spend a big proportion of our lives working so loving or at least liking our job is key for our motivation, performance and mental wellbeing. 


Let’s be honest… Money is the biggest motivator for changing jobs. External job opportunities often offer better salary increases than internal promotion structures. But money alone isn’t enough… It’s a combination of all of the above factors. 

To jump or not to jump

To sum it up changing your job isn’t a decision that’s to be taken lightly. If you’re going to jump ship you need to make sure it’s the right move for you. Here at SportsX we can guide you on career progression and job moves. If this is something that you’re considering within the sports or its related industries reach out to one of our team and let us help you. 


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