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Interview Dress Code for Sports

Interview Dress Code for Sports

Dress the Part

First appearances are everything so dressing the part for a job in the sports industry is key! 

A Well Dressed CV

Let’s park dress code for one minute… Before you’re selected for an interview your prospective employer first see’s your CV. To make sure you’re CV is on point for a job in the sports industry click here for our 6 top tips!

What to Wear for a Job in Sports

It’s important to dress for the role you’re applying for as well as the industry. If it’s finance then a suit/traditional office wear is probably the safest option. Marketing roles tend to be more casual. Having said this, the influx of flexible modern offices like google etc has seen traditional office wear become a thing of the past… Irrelevant of your job title/role, It’s all about comfort and individual style. 

Best foot forward

Deciding what’s right to wear for an interview in Sports is never easy, It’s important to dress for the role you’re applying for as well as the industry… but before you attend the interview how do you know what that is?

Choosing to be represented in the market by Sports X means that you’ll benefit from our detailed pre interview preparation. You’ll get one on one interview prep from of our experienced team so you are able to attend the interview with all the right knowledge. You’ll walk in confident and already looking like you’re part of the team… It’s all in the service that we provide. If you want to pursue a career in sports/its related industries get in touch with us.


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