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10 In demand Off-The-Pitch Roles in Sports

10 In demand Off-The-Pitch Roles in Sports

The athletic dream

Whilst many of us continue to participate in sports, the fact of the matter is that very few people make the cut to pursue a career as a professional athlete. But that doesn’t mean our dream of working in Sports or any of its related industries has to be over. Read our top 10 off-the-pitch roles in sports. 

10 off-the-pitch roles in Sports

Partnership Manager – Implementation and development of commercial and strategic relationships with external organisations. 

Digital Marketing Manager – Design and oversee all aspects of digital including database, email and display advertising campaigns.

Data Scientist – Provide insights to the organisation through the use of advanced statistical analysis, data mining, and data visualisation techniques.

Finance Director – Responsible for a company’s financial health, this is a combined operational and strategic role. Main responsibilities are to manage accounting and financial control functions, and to establish a financial strategy for the profitable long-term growth of the business.

e-Commerce Manager – Oversee and manage the e-commerce department of a company with a significant online presence. Also responsible for research and development of new online marketing strategies.

Sponsorship Sales – Responsible for generating revenue through the sale of sponsorship agreements.

Financial Planning & Analysis – Provides senior management with a forecast of the company’s profit and loss (income statement) and operating performance for the upcoming quarter and year.

Communications Manager – In charge of overseeing all internal and external communications for a company, ensuring its message is consistent and engaging.

CRM Manager – A Customer Relationship Manager will work with customer service, marketing and operations to maintain a customer-first attitude with a focus on activities that create lifetime customers.

Chief Information Security Officer – The head of IT security, responsible for driving strategy and implementation forward whilst protecting the business from security threats and cyber-hacking.

Love Your Job

Every organisation needs an operational team and the sports organisations aren’t an exception to this. Just imagine working for the sports team that you support. The pride and possibly even the employer perks like discounted tickets etc! Here at SportsX we’re exactly that, the fans that help organisations recruit, develop and retain diverse world class head office teams! If you’re passionate about a particular sport, then reach out to us to see if we have any opportunities in that field.


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