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Job Search Motivation

Job Search Motivation

Mind Over Matter 

Ok, so Covid-19 has rocked our world and not in a good way! It’s affected everything and everyone globally! Keeping motivated during a global pandemic is key to surviving it! Keep reading to see our top tips on how to keep motivated whilst searching for your dream job in Sports and its related industries.  

Good vibes only

First thing’s first, get your head in the game!! We’ve all been through the vegging out stage, lounged on the sofa and eating the entire contents of our kitchen cupboards!!… Well, it’s time to snap out of it! Get dressed… no more lounge wear. I mean, it’s comfortable but honestly it’s too comfortable, and for me personally, it makes me want to just chill and watch Netflix. Do something, anything… as long it’s positive and productive. Time during Covid is the perfect opportunity to develop new skills and work on yourself. We often moan about not having the time… Well now we do. Putting a positive twist on the current situation and using it to your advantage can do wonders for your state of mind and motivation! Give it a try! 

Set a goal

So where do you really want to be and what do you want to do? Write it down. Stick it on your fridge, your mirror, anywhere that you’ll see it daily. Big goals or mini milestones, whichever they are, make them real and achievable by jotting down a list of short term targets to get you to the finish line! The satisfaction when you tick these off is enough to motivate you onto the next one! 

Reward yourself

For every tick off of your goals/targets list give yourself a little reward. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy, even something like a takeaway or celebrating with a drink to pat yourself on the back. Recognise your achievements and be your own biggest fan! ​

Take 5

Whilst it’s important to keep going it’s also just as important to take a break. Recharge and look at things with a fresh pair of eyes. You’ll be surprised by what more you see!!

Talk to the experts

Here at SportsX we’ve built relationships within sports and it’s related industries. We’re well connected and are experts in our field. We give honest, constructive advice about the industry and specific job sectors… and most of all, we can connect you in with potential employers! So if you’re serious about a job in sports get in touch and let us help you!


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