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6 Top Tips for Writing a Sports CV in 2021

6 Top Tips for Writing a Sports CV in 2021

The Importance Of A Good CV

Here at SportsX we’re often asked how to write the perfect CV for a job in Sports. So let’s get started… Your CV is the first thing a potential employer see’s about you. It represents you, so it needs to do just that… This is not a time to be modest. You wouldn’t put a bad picture on Instagram, so why would you send a bad CV. If you want to get your dream job in the sports industry keep reading to see our top things consider when writing a CV.

6 Things to consider when writing a Sports CV

1. Length

Keep it short, sharp and precise. Ensure that your CV is no more than two pages long.

2. Layout

Put your name at the top and make it larger, centralised and bold. Next should come your email address and contact number.

3. Personal statement

Write a brief personal statement directly under your contact details. Make sure it’s no more than five/six sentences long. It should cover who you are, what you can bring to the organisation. Normally people will tell you not to include your passions/hobbies… But if these are relevant to sports or the related industry you’re applying for then we feel these are worth mentioning.

4. Core Skills

List 8-10 of your key skills in bullet points so that it’s easy for anyone reading your CV to quickly understand where you will add value.

5. Employment history

List your most recent role first. List your job title and company of employment in bold, accurately stating the dates of employment. Tailor your CV depending on the vacancy you’re applying for. Include key responsibilities followed by the achievements that will most resonate with the prospective employer.

6. Education

Include qualification, subject, grade, institution and date. Keep it honest and factual. 

Last but not least

Read through your CV and ask someone to double check it before you press send, in case  of any spelling or grammatical mistakes that have slipped through the net. Sports is a highly competitive industry… A sloppy CV simply won’t cut it. Keep your CV up to date, factual, precise and waffle free. 

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