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System redundancy – A tech mess!

System redundancy – A tech mess!

A common problem that can often escalate over time is system redundancy.

IT leaders like every other area of business are tasked on the impacts they have on the business.

Very often this is demonstrated by instigating new projects and programmes of work. As business and success can be associated with change and transformation.

How often is a clean-up exercise or cost saving truly applauded?

Everybody really wants the next new thing….​

Research conducted by Avanade indicates that senior IT leaders believe replacement of legacy software can potentially decrease operating costs by 13%, and increase annual revenue by more than 14%.

On average, 31% of an organisation’s technology is made up of legacy systems. Maintaining those systems can be a costly burden, with an average of 60-80% of IT budgets allocated to keeping them running claimed Audacia. Both studies were conducted in 2017/18, however I don’t believe the issue has changed significantly in the preceding time.

As people come and leave the business, as company’s visions, and values change and as technology advances…who questions the systems on your estate?

  • How often is the value of legacy software measured, what is the value of the software and what is the volume of users that use it?
  • Do you have an inventory of all systems across your estate?
  • Do you as a business recognise how current platforms can be extended further to add more functionality?

SportsX have trained practitioners to deliver and advice our clients on system auditing.

Feel free to get in touch with me at [email protected] for more details. on how a technology audit could benefit your business.


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