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Sports Technologies Next Generation

Sports Technologies Next Generation

Will we lose our next generation of sports technology specialists…is it time to give back?

I am lucky to continue to network and meet some wonderful people within the Sports industry.

There are those that are incredibly experienced and have been able to work through their entire career in the industry.

But what about the next generation…

I have spoken to a number of young professionals aspiring to work in the sports technology space. They have highlighted the challenges they face in getting into and progressing in an industry (Sports) that is highly competitive.

This has been compounded through the hardships that everyone is having to face because of COVID-19 and has meant some very difficult decisions for employers.

A study by the UK’s National Union of Students found that 81% of graduates were concerned about the effect of coronavirus on their prospects of finding employment.

Although many of us working in sport technology don’t have the ability to offer instant jobs or promotions…we can offer time.

I have tried to offer my time to a couple of individuals by working on some joint pieces together.

Thus, allowing them to share their work to a wider network.

I have seen some incredible traits from these young professionals, who through their own initiative are working on projects themselves, with limited or no backing and just plain old hard work.

Such individuals deserve to be working in this industry, and with such personal endeavour I know they will.

  • Is there anything you can do to help support our new aspiring sports technology leaders?
  • Maybe you already are supporting them, I would love to hear your story?

If you can, I would urge you to do your bit…so we don’t have a forgotten generation unable to work or continue to work in our wonderful industry.

Feel free to contact me regarding anything Sports Technology related at [email protected]


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