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Data Dashboards….are there any pitfalls

Data Dashboards….are there any pitfalls

Data dashboarding tools has changed modern day data analytics for the better in my eyes.

It’s given the business user and data scientist a common way in which to share and collaborate on insight.

Often the historic challenge for the data analyst was their ability to communicate their findings to their stakeholders. The better the analyst, the more they were able to draw out insights and join this up with the business strategy. In my career communicating my analysis clearly and concisely was often a barometer as to how effectively my work was received and used.

Those traits still hold true to do this day…however now the business stakeholder can be empowered to draw their own conclusions in isolation by analysing data using dashboards.

This has further helped give analysts a platform to showcase their work and value to the business.

However, are there any pitfalls?

As with most pieces of analysis there are always caveats, and the business user needs to make sure they know these before making any conclusions based on data.

Example caveats could be a small sample size, missing data, incomplete data etc.

These are items the analyst will be aware of having manipulated the data.

  • Are you using data dashboards in your organisation, and how have you found it?
  • Are business users empowered to draw out insight themselves?
  • Are you an analyst that has seen the change to more mainstream dashboarding tools like Tableau, QlkView, Power BI hit the market, has your role changed in any way because of this?

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