Top Tips for Video Interviews

08 June 2020

By Yasmin Carey

Top Tips for Video Interviews

Interview tips to help you secure your dream job in the sports industry

So, you’ve submitted your CV and got through to the first round of interviews… Only to find out that it’s a video interview!! You might think this is a little unorthodox but with the increased use of technology and the recent Covid-19 pandemic it’s become easier and coincidently essential to hold more and more interviews remotely. Keep reading to see our top tips on taking part in a video interview.

Lights, camera, action!

We’ve split these pointers into three areas of consideration; where, tech and you. Take a look…


-) Find a quiet, private place that’s free from interruptions.

-) Good lighting is a bonus. If possible, make sure the sunshine isn’t behind you.

-) Remove any clutter from the background. 


-) Make sure your internet connection is stable.

-) Check that your computer’s audio is working.

-) Test your webcam and camera angles.

-) Close any web browser tabs and applications.

-) Put your phone on silent mode or switch it off.


-) Log onto the call 5 minutes early.

-) Speak up so they can hear you clearly but try not to shout.

-) Dress appropriately, for more tips on what to wear click here!

-) Dress fully, no lounge wear bottoms… you never know if you might have to stand up to get something!

-) Have a pen, notepad, a copy of the job brief and your CV to hand.

-) Jot down the interviewer’s name so you can refer to it during the call. 

-) Make some notes so they can see that you’re taking down information. 

-) When listening, nod and smile to show that you are engaged.

-) Use hand gestures when appropriate.

That’s a wrap

As you can see the majority of the tips are under the category ‘you’ and would be similar for a face to face interview. So aside from tech preparations and deciding where to sit it’s all pretty much the same! The key is to be prepared, don’t leave logging on to the last minute and make sure you check that everything is working beforehand. Here at Sports X we can do a test video call with for your pre interview prep, making sure that everything is in place for the big call. Get in touch with us if you’re interested in pursuing a career in sports or any of its related industries. 

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