Are you delivering projects...or delivering a strategy

11 March 2021

By Harbir Guram

Are you delivering projects...or delivering a strategy

​I am lucky to be constantly speaking to many key decision makers in sport. 

Towards the start of my conversation with any organisation I try to understand how the company currently operates. 

I am still a little surprised at some of the top level sporting strategy documents I review as part of my due diligence. They often mention terms such as "digital", "increased participation", "security", "loyalty", "fan interaction" yet the enabler to making these things happen is Technology. Yet Technology plays a very limited role in the company strategy document, and in some instances it isn't even called out?

In isolation businesses have many projects being undertaken, all bring some form of value be it cost reduction, improved ways of working, increased revenue, increasing participation etc. 

There are however, cases where projects are being initiated with no reference to the company Vision and Values therefore questioning the need for the project and its impact on the organisation can at times be difficult to answer.   

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Figure 1 - A top-down approach to ensuring your Vision, Values and Strategy are all being lived in the day-to-day projects you undertake.

In most recent years the creation of a company PMO (Project Management Office) function has helped to tie everything (Vision, Values, Strategy, Project) together, yet this discipline still isn't widespread across all organisations.

At SportsX we help our clients in their development of their Technology strategy that clearly “joins up the dots” with their Company Vision and Values.

We build a roadmap and a set of clear Project Workstreams to achieve their strategy, and finally we aid our clients by managing the programme and project delivery of these workstreams.

·         In your role are you clear on your company Vision and Value? 

·         Do you question your work and its impact on the company Vision? 

·         Is your Vision and values lived by your colleagues? 

Please get in touch with me at harbir@sportsxconsulting to learn more about how SportsX could help your organisation on its Technology journey.

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