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​I am lucky to be constantly speaking to many key decision makers in sport. Towards the start of my conversation with any organisation I try to understand how the company currently operates. I am still a little surprised at some of the top level sporting strategy documents I review as part of my due diligence. They often mention terms such as "digital", "increased participation", "security", "loyalty", "fan

​As I write this week’s article, the UK Government has just announced its annual budget, outlining how they plan on spending the nation’s money. One of the key announcements for the Sports sector was a £300m recovery package to help support clubs and federations in England. Given the large number of sports that will be going through financial hardships right now, how much money

Fan Controlled Football (FCF), the only professional sports league that enables fans to call the plays in real-time, announced FCF Season v1.0 will launch in February 2021. The league’s premiere season will feature four teams stacked with pro-caliber athletes battling it out over a six-week schedule and will be live-streamed exclusively on Twitch, a premier live, interactive streaming service with content that spans gaming, sports,

​My first role as a data analyst was back in 2003 a time when data was perceived to be a dark art, after several attempts at explaining what I did to friends and family, I resorted to just saying that I worked in computing. At the time peers told me about books by Drayton Bird a marketer who had used data to aid in direct

Well, it’s simple. We’re passionate about sports and want to be the fans who contribute by helping organisations recruit, develop and retain diverse, world class, head office teams. Teams who ultimately drive the performance of the sporting world. Here at Sports X we are on a mission to build the worlds greatest sports talent consultancy.


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