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I’m a qualified Audit Manager at Withum, in the Technology and Emerging Growth group and head of our newly formed Sports Technology division. I have experience with accounting for complex debt and equity transactions, stock based compensation, capitalised software and revenue recognition. I’ve assisted with financial statement preparation for hundreds of companies. Our Technology group is incredibly strong and I work closely with them to

​Data dashboarding tools has changed modern day data analytics for the better in my eyes. It’s given the business user and data scientist a common way in which to share and collaborate on insight. Often the historic challenge for the data analyst was their ability to communicate their findings to their stakeholders. The better the analyst, the more they were able to draw out insights

​One of the key challenges in 2018 for businesses in Europe was to make sure they were GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant. The UK data protection act as we once knew it had been changed and a European wide act GDPR was there to rule over how companies managed and exchange PII (Personal Identifiable Information) across Europe.

The numbers speak for themselves… eSports is expected to generate 1.5 Billion US Dollars in annual revenues this year and by 2021 the number of eSports enthusiasts worldwide is expected to rise to over 250 million. With a further 300 million occasionally consuming eSports. These number predictions are only likely to increase the longer we are contained indoors due to Covid-19. Even I’m considering having


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