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  • Oni Rugut
    Oni Rugut

    ​I was born in Kenya, grew up in the US, and recently spent the past 13 years in the UK and middle east. I grew up participating in athletics and different sports as a youngster. I can't say I'm still a massive fan of running, but I did run the 2015 Amsterdam Half Marathon in 1:42. I was de...

  • Jon Carey
    Jon Carey

    ​I’m one of those lucky people, my business is my passion… I’m crazy about sport! It's not just what happens when the professionals take centre stage but the whole industry that I’m hooked on! How partnerships between brands and athletes develop, how technology is improving everything fr...

  • Harbir Guram
    Harbir Guram
    Associate Partner

    I am Sports fanatic living my dream, having joined Sports X Technology Consultancy Practice to continue working in an industry that is my passion. With 15 years experience working for organisation such as The English Football Association, H...

  • Scot Jeffers
    Scot Jeffers
    Associate Partner

    ​Originally from Northern Ireland, with a significant amount of time spent living in and experiencing the amazing cities of Edinburgh and Cork, I have been fortunate to have been able to travel much further afield, initially through playing sport and then whilst working with professional...

  • Tom Greenwood
    Tom Greenwood
    Commercial Consultant

    ​After graduating university, where I studied one of my major passions in life, Ancient History, I decided to follow my other passion, sports. Having both played and watched a variety of sports throughout my life, sporting values have become seminal to my personality and I have ...

  • Callum Laird
    Callum Laird
    Talent Consultant

    ​Born in Wales, I was fortunate to spend my late teenage summers in America working at various football camps, before relocating to the Middle East at just 20, taking a role as a Sports Development Coach. I’ve spent the past 8 years pro...

  • Yasmin Carey
    Yasmin Carey
    Content Creator

    My main role here at Sports X is to create content, I love taking and editing photographs as well as writing relevant and helpful articles that actually add value! Being a British expat mum living and working abroad, means that I whole heartedly understand the considerations and commitme...