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Oni Rugut

Oni Rugut


​I was born in Kenya, grew up in the US, and recently spent the past 13 years in the UK and middle east. I grew up participating in athletics and different sports as a youngster. I can't say I'm still a massive fan of running, but I did run the 2015 Amsterdam Half Marathon in 1:42. I was definitely proud of myself until my wife reminded me she ran Newcastle Half 2 minutes faster (she was 18 then, while I ran mine at 33 yrs old.)

More recently I've reignited my love of motorsports. I saw my first race when I was 5 years old (Safari Rally Kenya.) I've watched everything from local demolition derbies, sprint car, drag car, and NASCAR. Last year I visited the 2019 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and am excited to see more races, I also love that my son has also caught the bug (Super cat speed is what I hear from the co-pilot seat).

I've spent the past 20 years working in sales/marketing across the food industry in the US, UK and Middle East. I'm excited to take my business skills and launch Sports X with my co-founder Jon. Sports is a passion for us and we look forward to supporting businesses and candidates within the industry.

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