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​One of the key challenges in 2018 for businesses in Europe was to make sure they were GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant. The UK data protection act as we once knew it had been changed and a European wide act GDPR was there to rule over how companies managed and exchange PII (Personal Identifiable Information) across Europe.

So, you’ve submitted your CV and got through to the first round of interviews… Only to find out life still isn't normal and you'll be doing it via video!! Rewind a year and you might have thought this was a little unorthodox but with the increased use of technology and this little problem we face called Covid, it’s become easier and coincidently essential to hold

Fan Controlled Football (FCF), the only professional sports league that enables fans to call the plays in real-time, announced FCF Season v1.0 will launch in February 2021. The league’s premiere season will feature four teams stacked with pro-caliber athletes battling it out over a six-week schedule and will be live-streamed exclusively on Twitch, a premier live, interactive streaming service with content that spans gaming, sports,

Sports X Consulting are delighted to announce the appointment of Scot Jeffers as Associate Partner within their Commercial Consultancy Practice. Scot brings over 15 years of industry experience in brand management, licensed business, commercial and business operations having worked for Pentland Brands with their portfolio of Active Brands including Canterbury, Mitre and Speedo; NIKE’s Teamsports Licensee business and eCommerce football specialists

​My first role as a data analyst was back in 2003 a time when data was perceived to be a dark art, after several attempts at explaining what I did to friends and family, I resorted to just saying that I worked in computing. At the time peers told me about books by Drayton Bird a marketer who had used data to aid in direct


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