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Mind Over Matter. Ok, so Covid-19 has rocked our world and not in a good way! It’s affected everything and everyone globally! Keeping motivated during a global pandemic is key to surviving it! Keep reading to see our top tips on how to keep motivated whilst searching for your dream job in Sports and its related industries.

It’s important to dress for the role you’re applying for as well as the industry. If it’s finance then a suit/traditional office wear is probably the safest option. Marketing roles tend to be more casual. Having said this, the influx of flexible modern offices like google etc has seen traditional office wear become a thing of the past… Irrelevant of your job title/role, It’s all

The numbers speak for themselves… eSports is expected to generate 1.5 Billion US Dollars in annual revenues this year and by 2021 the number of eSports enthusiasts worldwide is expected to rise to over 250 million. With a further 300 million occasionally consuming eSports. These number predictions are only likely to increase the longer we are contained indoors due to Covid-19. Even I’m considering having

Well, it’s simple. We’re passionate about sports and want to be the fans who contribute by helping organisations recruit, develop and retain diverse, world class, head office teams. Teams who ultimately drive the performance of the sporting world. Here at Sports X we are on a mission to build the worlds greatest sports talent consultancy.


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